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refreshing WUI when pressing ENTER in SAP CRM WUI

Hi All,

I have one requirement

consider F1 is a dropdown with default value

once i change the value from dropdown and press enter its getting old value, but i want to

new value.

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  • So far as I understand, you have a field initialized with a default value. You select a new value from DDLB and this new value is put in teh field properly. Then you click on ENTER on keyboard, the value is changed back to the old one. Am I right?

    This is not correct behavior. Can you provide what the field is and it will be helpful if you can attach screenshot. Also use F2 to get the component/view information and paste them here.


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    Thanks for reply, your understanding is correct...

    I have one field called as Priority dropdown with default value "Very High" and when i change the value from VERY HIGH to MEDIUM

    and click on enter button, WUI screen get refreshing and getting Very high value only.

    my requirement is i want to stop refreshing WUI screen and disply what value i select after pressing enter button.


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2 Answers

  • Mar 26, 2018 at 11:52 PM

    First of all, I do not suggest stopping refreshing WUI. On the contrary, it should refresh WUI at the correct time for following reasons.

    1, When you set any value on WUI, it is sent to application layer, this value might be changed for various reasons, and then the value is sent back to WUI to update the field. If the WUI stops refreshing, the application will process the value still and you will be able to know what is happening. When you open the task again, you find a wrong value and it is not something you want, I bet.

    2, When you change value of a field, application may change other fields per this field. Only refreshing WUI will enable you to know what is going on.

    Per my support experience, this behavior is wrong. I test it in my internal system and Priority value is not changed after Enter. I could provide some troubleshooting hints. If you have no clue of the root cause, you may create a chat or incident to SAP support.

    Hint 1: Priority on WUI has component/view below.


    Please debug the the get and set method for PRIORITY. When you create a new task, get is called to retrieve default value. When you change the value, set is called to send data to application and then get is called to retrieve the updated value.

    Hint 2: set breakpoint in crm_order_maintain, monitor if the priority is correctly sent to application.

    Hint 3: Priority belongs to object ACTIVITY_H. Please debug crm_activity_h_maintain_ow and crm_activity_h_merge_ow to debug how priority is changed.

    Hint 4: if you have z implementation of badi activity_h_badi, the value might be changed by its method crm_activity_h_merge too.

    Hint 5: you may set watchpoint for (saplcrm_activity_h_ob)gt_activity_h_wrk to monitor when the priority is set back to VH.

    If you could follow the hints, I believe you will be able to find the root cause.


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    Apr 03, 2018 at 01:59 PM

    Problem solved

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