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Aug 20, 2008 at 08:51 PM

How to run a report, get data set, and use it


I'm writing an application where I hope to do my own presentation of the data, but I'd like to use Business Objects to get the data. So I'm picturing a user providing my application some Business Objects credentials which I'll use to log in, navigate to a particular report, run it using some input provided by the user, and get a dataset back. Then I hope to navigate that dataset and use it to create the output from my application. The user never needs to see the report as formatted by Business Objects. Any suggestions? For what it's worth, I can already log in, get an InfoStore object, and use it to navigate to a particular document. The part I can't yet do is create an instance of that document, filling prompts with user-provided data, and run the report. Thanks in advance.