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Oct 30, 2016 at 06:04 PM

Deactivate Dchain Status on Asssortment


Hi Experts,

We all know that we have a Dchain Status on Material master Data example Field

VMSTA= 12 which means Novelty which when is entered in the order, Va01 throws an error stating that this material is not allowed. It happens because of FM-

RV_MATERIAL_STATUS_CHECK. This is the SAP Standard behavior.

Now, my client is looking to deactivate this behavior only in case if the material ordered is a part of assortment or BOM because they are packed months back and it is a loss of business because the material is wiped off from the order but still is sent to customers.

When I tried to have a look on the RV_MATERIAL_STATUS_CHECK, there is no possible fields on which we can build the solution. Even if we think of getting it enhanced in User- Exist but by then the material is already taken from the order.

Can anyone tell me if we can achieve this?

Error can be thrown if the item is going as a TAN but if the item is going as TAC then it should not be deleted from the order.

Please suggest

Thank you