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Former Member
Aug 20, 2008 at 07:19 PM

Multicurrency Functionality


Unfortunately the inability of Webtools to handle Multiple Currencies is causing problems well before implementation can be planned.

I am wondering if there are any immediate plans to rectify any part of this. The gap is probably too large and I appreciate that a stable product is the priority at present.

On the customisation route for e-commerce ( ignoring CRM side for the moment )

I can see how it is possible to customise the display of prices in a foreign currency based upon a price list denominated in that Currency and how that could be applied to a theme with foreign currency customers linked to that theme.

The correct currency would need to be passed to the Payment processor and the order confirmation appropriately modified.

The problems begin with the data that is sent back to B1 because it will all be in base currency and not in Foreign currency

In addition customer transactions viewed for foreign customers will be perfecly correct but of course in base currency again.

New B2C customer handling also presents a challenge because the customer currency needs to be established at the time of account creation in Webtools.

These requirements are unfortunately very real in terms of customer expectations and the only alternative is to have two B1 Webtools set ups with separate base currencies (one for each e-commerce currency) and then the problems become those of B1 integration.

Any comments of suggestions?