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Aug 20, 2008 at 04:12 PM

Table data extraction


Hi everyone.

I need to select distinct AUFNR OBJNR from AUFK for Plant in select screen and Order number in Selection screen.

Next I need to select the Orders from the above list with system status (TJ02T-TXT004) in the selection screen into another internal table.

The logic is -

from AUFK, we get OBJNR.

using this OBJNR in JEST table and TJO2T table, I need to extract the orders with the status in the selection screen.

Logic to use JEST, JSTO and TJ20T for getting the system status is --

SELECT SINGLE d~txt04 INTO l_zztxt04 (variable or table field)

FROM aufk AS a

INNER JOIN jest AS b ON aobjnr = bobjnr

INNER JOIN jsto AS c ON aobjnr = cobjnr

INNER JOIN tj20t AS d ON cstsma = dstsma

AND bstat = destat

WHERE a~aufnr = l_aufnr " Production Order

AND b~inact = ' '

AND d~spras = sy-langu

Please help me out how I can achieve this.