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EPM Option when we right click a cell in EPM Add-In

Mar 21 at 09:14 AM


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User unable to use EPM option when he right clicks a cell in EPM Add-In for Excel after logging in. This happens every one who ever logs into in this system. User is able use it when he logs in in another system, so this is not Authorization issue. Uninstalled and installed MS Office and also EPM Add-In. But nothing helped.

Attached prtscr herewith.


This is when he logs in in another system. These options are not getting when he uses his Desktop.

Previously he is able to get it (EPM Option). No changes made from BPC EPM Add-In (Same SP ie., 22) and even MS Office also.



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Mar 21 at 10:07 AM

You've only provided a screen capture of the correct right-click with the EPM option visible.

What do you see when logged into the problem system? Is the EPM option simply not visible at all?

If so for some reason the EPM add-in does not register that you are logged into the system as the EPM option only shows when logged into a valid BPC connection.

Are you able to create reports and refresh them when logged into the problematic system, even though you cannot see the EPM option when you right-click?

- Peter

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

1. Only this option is not available. Everything, we are able to access.

2 EPM and Data Manger Tabs available.

3. We can create reports / input forms and Refresh also and can do everything else except this.

SP 22 is quite old.... Hopefully it can resolve with EPM Add-In...

Still trying to analyse on this, if you can guide o




Just for test, install some recent epm sp and post the results!


Thanks Vadim. Will update and post the result.

Vadim Kalinin Mar 21 at 09:52 AM

Please, never use "Insert File" instead of correct "Insert Image" - very hard to read!

Have you tested some recent EPM SP? Can be an issue between MS updates and very old SP22

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