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Aug 20, 2008 at 12:56 PM

Note 211324-CJB1 Strategy for settlemnt to superior WBS.Why the disclaimer?


We have been requested by an SAP consultant to implement note 211324. However, there are many concerning statements throughout the note that present concern as to the future supportability of this function as well as possible. SAP is classifying this as an enhancement and expresses no " maintain these enhancements" In addition, there is verbiage indicating that his can "dramatically increase the runtime of settlement" and that " the values in project reporting may be displayed incorrectly".

We are using this to resolve a problem in the settlement of investment projects which the note indicates "may make sense".

My question is whether anyone has actually installed this note. Have they had any problems and how did they mitigate the risk incurred by implementing a non-supported change?

Kind Regards,

David Carr