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Smartform Printing in Dotmatrix Problem, Lines getting shifted two spaces up from second page

Hi Experts,

I am facing issue with smartforms dotmatrix printing. First page, it is printing properly, but from second page onwards the alignment is getting one or two spaces up. I have read similar threads relating to the same problem. But it didnt help me to fix the issue. I am going to list what all I have tried so far.

1) Created a custom format page which is of same dimension of pre printed form in SPAD and assigned it to device type SAPWIN. (Didn't help)

2) Created a custom format at desktop level which is of the same dimension of pre printed form.(Didn't help)

3) Created two pages for the smartform. (Didn't help).

Kindly share your ideas on how to solve this issue.


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2 Answers

  • Oct 30, 2016 at 01:42 AM

    If your lines get shifted up by 1 line on page 2, by 2 lines on page 3 and so forth then the page length sent to the printer is incorrect. In this case this blog should be helpful.

    If you are using SAPWIN there is not much you can do on the SAP side because the output goes through Windows. You can try a different driver but that's about it. I'd set up the device in SAP with a proper device type instead.

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    • I love LOCL as much as the next guy and as long as it works it's fine. But when it doesn't then LOCL quickly turns into SOOL.:)

      Matrix printers operate completely differently than laser printers. I've seen some effects with matrix printers that I cannot even explain rationally. And yes, unfortunately, print preview should come with a disclaimer, for all the printers.

  • Oct 30, 2016 at 06:23 AM

    You wrote: "Created two pages for the smartform". Does that mean: normally you have only one page in form, and multiple pages result from multiple Forms being accumulated in single Spool Request? If yes - have you tried to force each form to go into its own spool request?

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