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Mar 20, 2018 at 04:46 PM

WEB IDE Error when building application.


In SAP WEB IDE I'm building my project (Right-Clck + Build).

This was working correctly but now it's erroring with:

4:43:07 PM (Build) Build started. 4:43:10 PM (DIBuild) Build of /rsa-complete-survey in progress 4:43:11 PM (DIBuild) [INFO] Retrieving source code

[INFO] Preparing node environment
[INFO] package.json not modified, skipping npm installation
[INFO] Using recently cached node_modules
[INFO] Node environment ready4:43:15 PM (DIBuild) grunt-cli: The grunt command line interface (v1.2.0)

Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt.

If you're seeing this message, grunt hasn't been installed locally to
your project. For more information about installing and configuring grunt,
please see the Getting Started guide:
[INFO] Build finished in 4 secondsAny ideas?