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Nov 01, 2016 at 08:35 PM

SAP BW 7.5 Open ODS View



We are planning to Migrate from BW 7.3 SP8 to BW 7.5 SP4... We have a lot of ABAP coding being done for lookup on a Standard DSO from other flows. As the DSO has massive size from a 3rd party vendor, hence we are planning to remove the DSO with a HANA view with SLT from 3rd party system and then use OPEN ODS view from BW to virtually access the data from BW for direct reporting.

But what we are not sure is "in the existing lookup Codes, can we replace the Standard DSO with the Open ODS view table name,and still be able to continue doing lookup while loading other data flows as the data will be in HANA and in BW its only virtual. Will there be any significant load performance issue of other flows which uses lookup ot this Open ODS View ?"

Does the Open ODS View name remains consistent (unlike the PSA table names which keep on changing once you transport the same) and be used for look up with virtual data ?

Any input will be of a great help.