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LX16 "HU can only be counted without difference"

Hi all.

New users to SAP. We would like to use LX16 (Continuous Inventory) to count our bins that are HU managed throughout the year. We are having a problem when it comes to activating bins with a Top-HU. We get a responce from SAP like "HU 184** is hierarchical. HU can only be counted without difference" which prevents us from carrying out the inventory. We can carryout the inventory of the Top-HU using the 'HUINV01' flow but would prefer to use LX16 --> LI11N --> LI20 --> LI21. Can you activate bins that use a Top-HU with multiple Sub-HU's via LX16?



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3 Answers

  • Oct 31, 2016 at 03:08 PM

    Mark, I have come across this issue before and unfortunately the only way we found around the issue was a custom RF program for counting. At a high level here are some steps (I am sure I am missing some) and some assumptions...

    • Start with an LX16 process - and assumption that most bins have accurate inventory
    • If the user encounters a discrepancy, first make the user re-count, giving them an opportunity to correct the count. This recount is only on the custom program not in WM
    • If the user still has a different count, then in the program, de-activate the WM count document and do the HUINVxx process (in the background with the custom program), then reactivate the WM count and post it.
    • This will keep the dates on the bins for cycle counting accurate and change the inventory too.
    • The problem that you will have to solve - other than a rather complex custom program - is to link the HUINVxx process to a specific bin if needed.
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  • Nov 10, 2016 at 02:42 PM

    Thank you for the replies.

    Based on the requirement to create a custom program to Continuous Count Bins with a Top HU, I do not think we will go this route at this time. In speaking with other co-workers we will develope a set of guidlines to only allow the use of a Top HU in select Bins. When we need to perform a Count of said Bins we will use the 'HUINV01' flow.

    Thanks again


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  • Oct 30, 2016 at 02:56 PM

    if the HU management is activate then you can use only HU relevant transaction to initiate and perfrom the inventory count. Do you want to have a look on the attached standard SAP link

    LX16 and other transaction which you mentioned in your thread are WM transaction and work well when you have WM without HU management active.

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    • Quoting from the link you mention...

      Since this outer HU corresponds to a storage unit, the inventory is executed in the WM system, as before. In the inventory process, the system counts the material quantity or the storage units for each storage bin.

      Yes, it is possible to count HUs using standard WM processes - there is just the limitation that Mark is asking about