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SAP Design Studio - Crosstab Horizontal Scrolling Behaviour

Dear all,

We're having a Crosstab, which shows the Calendar-Days in the Columns. The Enduser is able to select number of days, which should be displayed (from-to-value). For this example I have selected 01.09.2017 - 30.10.2017.

The Crosstab initially shows 7 days (depending on the resolution of the computer)

In this example, the last visible day is the 8th of September 2017. When I now click once on the horizontal-scrolling-arrow to the right, the Crosstab "Jumps" directly to the 2nd of October. So all days in between are not visible.

Of course, when clicking the Scrolling bar and "pulling" it, we'll see the values in between, but the expectation for the endusers is a different. I would expect either a "day by day" scrolling when clicking the arrow, are a "page by page".

I have tried it with Calday, Calweek, Calmonth, a combination of all of them. For me it seems, that there is no logical connection to the displayed members.

Is there - anyhow - a way to control the "jump size" to the right?

Thanks in advance,

crosstab1.png (51.2 kB)
crosstab2.png (49.2 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Mar 21, 2018 at 11:32 AM

    Hello Christian - one suggestion is to look at Karol's idea

    Also if you upgrade to Lumira Designer 2.1 there is a scrollable container feature

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    • Hey Tammy,

      thanks for your reply. I already had the idea of adding a Scroll-Container "over" the Crosstab. The problem is, that the enduser is able to select the timeframe by themselve. Sometimes we're just showing 3 Days, sometimes there are 45 days in the Crosstab.

      When implementing Karols solution, we also need to make an "arrage-logic" which sets the width of the crosstab, otherwise we're facing the issue, that we might see 2 scrollbars (one for the crosstab, one for the container). The other problem is, that we always see a scrollbar, no matter whether we have the need to scroll or not (to get rid of the scrollbar there needs to be another logic which gets the width of the corsstab, and set that in correlation with the screen).

      So basically - this would be "kind of" a workarround, but definately not a nice one for such a pretty basic issue...?

      Isn't there somewhere a setting within the crosstab, that controls the jumping behaviour?

      Thanks for your time, Tammy,