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How to set time zones in DS SP9 Patch 4 ?

Mar 21 at 10:04 AM


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To fix previous bugs, we upgraded Data Services with SP 7 to SP 9 Patch 4, but ran into a problem, the time calculation broke:

I can not understand why DS can not just transfer the previous time value? Who faced the similar?

The calculation error also occurs in the translation of time into the local (function: utc_to_local()) and in UTС (function: local_to_utc()) and calculation of the time difference (function: date_diff()).

Below is the calculation of the other fields, the result of the calculations can be seen above in the picture:

timestamp = local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp)

timestamp_2 = local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, 'UTC-00:00')

timestamp_3 = local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, 'UTC+00:00')

dif_time_himself = date_diff(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp, CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp, 'S')

dif_time2_himself = date_diff(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, 'S')

dif_sys_vs_sys = date_diff(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp, CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, 'S')

dif_sys_vs_utc = date_diff(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp, local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2), 'S')

dif_sys_vs_utc_1 = date_diff(local_to_utc(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp), CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2, 'S')

dif_utc_vs_utc = date_diff(local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp), local_to_utc( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2), 'S')

dif_sys_vs_local = date_diff(CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp, utc_to_local( CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp_2), 'S')

timestamp_orig = CreateCopyTime_01.timestamp


Current System Settings:

OS: Windows Server 2012R2

IPS: SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP 4 Patch 5 (Version:


TimeZone: (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time

timezone.png (122.1 kB)
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1 Answer

Ivan Kurdin Apr 16 at 08:35 AM

Hi all.

We solved this problem by setting the TZ variable to our local time. (this is suitable for Unix and Windows OS)

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