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Aug 19, 2008 at 09:42 AM



Dear All,

I am working on Transactional iView (GUI for JAVA). for this I am following the blog Steps for quick installation and usage of SAP GUI for JAVA in EP

I am working on Windows operating system. my Questions are

1) this has to be done on server or on client machine? I mean downloading and installing PlatinGUI-Win32-640r4.jar tobe done on WEB AS or on my local system? right now I am doing on my local system.

2) Will this blog work in Windows Environment?

3) I could do the steps upto 4 but in step 5 of installation "Execute demo.htm and you are all set to use SAP GUI for JAVA (Same as WinGui)" I am getting applet error. page is blank with java icon and in task bar i could see applet error.

4) in the step Making JAVA GUI accessible via Web when i open the IIS i could find a blank default website. I am not able to see the sub folders as shown in the blog.

If any one worked on the above topic... please answer above questions and guide me.