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Aug 18, 2008 at 11:50 PM

Requirements using Transaction Launcher


Hi Experts,

I have the following requirements using Transaction Launcher in IC:

1) The user identifies the account, goes to Interaction Record, choses a Reason and clicks on Save. There will be 2 reasons which when chosen and the IRec saved, 2 different ERP transactions should be launched.

--> I have already:

a) configured both the transaction launchers to be launched

b) made a copy of IRecReason.htm into a new BSP application ZCRM_IC and have redefined the OnSave method in the new implementation class ZCL_CRM_IC_IRECREASON_IMPL (which has CL_CRM_IC_IRECREASON_IMPL as the super class).

c) setup the replacement controller, so ZCRM_IC/IRecReason is being correctly called.

What do I code in the OnSave method to launch the ERP transaction based on the selected IRec Reason?

2) Once the transaction is launched above, the identified account should be copied to the launched ERP transaction. The 2 launched transactions are IW51 & VA01.

How do I do this ?

The reply to the above 2 questions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.