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Mar 20, 2018 at 06:34 AM

Sapui5 UploadCollection drag a file into UploadCollection it doesn't work


Due to the project needs . I used UploadCollection control to implement file upload.

I found a problem that when i drag a file into UploadCollection It doesn't work(upload) correctly.But if I click "plus" button to add a file .it can upload successfully.

So,I wanna find whats wrong with it.

Finaly,I found the abnormal code.

if i drag a file " this._aFileUploadersForPendingUpload[i].getValue()" it returns false

but i click "puls" button it returns true.

In my project code,i change the url & sendXhr status when i upload .

i tried many methods to fix it ,but i failed.

pls help me!

thanks vary much


upclc1.png (47.0 kB)
upclc2.png (14.6 kB)