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Mar 19, 2018 at 07:29 PM

SAP CRM archiving of Interaction records with linked IC-emails


Dear community

Since quite some time we have been busy setting up the archiving for a range transaction types in our CRM system.

For most of them we are actually already archiving succesfully. However, for a specific use case, meaning those operation types that serve as interaction record, and to which we link inbound and outbound IC emails we currently have seen the following issue(s).

Initially – we noticed that linked emails already disappeared after running the reorganisation report RSBCS_REORG. This phenomenon already occurred even without archiving those business transactions and/or emails.

To solve this, we had to implement several oss notes.

In a later stage, when we actually started test archive runs, we noticed that both inbound emails disappeared after executing the following two steps:

  • Archive the interaction record to which the inbound/outbound email was linked
  • The emails were still visibile in the ‘interaction history’ and could still be opened at that point in time.
  • Run the reorganisation job RSBCS_REORG

Now after this last step, the inbound and outbound emails disappeared or at least could no longer be opened.

Here after, we implemented another oss note which assurred correct linkage in table SRBCSBREL which solved the fact that inbound emails disappeared.

We currently have still the issue, but only with outbound emails.

SAP claimed that by upgrading to SAP CRM 7.0 EHP4 the issue would be solved, which was not the case.

Now we are being told that we must use ILM in order to succesfully archive inbound and outbound emails (by activating BF BUPA_ILM_BF).

From our point of view, this seems strange, as this would mean no SAP CRM customer could succesfully archive interaction records with it’s linked inbound and outbound emails without losing those emails as such.

We would appreciate feedback from other customers on this matter, as we would like to know if there are other customers that succesfully archive interaction records and the linked IC outbound/inbound emails without using ILM.