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Webdynpro ABAP in HCP


Could anyone please give some comment for the webdynpro abap vs Cloud Portal ?

I am sorry if this question is not matured enough, any inputs would be highly useful.

(1) How do Webdynpro ABAP applications continue onto HANA Cloud Platform ? What would be the changes in them ? Example, Transportation Management module has extensive Webdynpro ABAP applications. If we implement the latest version of TM (we do not have TM module right now) and we opt for HCP then we do have to continue working on webdynpro abap and all these applications cannot be converted to SAP UI5 / Web IDE. Am I right ?

(2) Do these applications have fiori tiles ? are they suitable to run in fiori or do we continue them in classic on-premise portal ? What is the advantage of running them on HCP and how do we do that?

(3) If we integrate the Webdynpro ABAP applications into the Launchpad, what happens after that? Do they run on-premise or on HCP? what is the advantage of that?

(4) What exactly is the TM Collaboration portal coming up with the latest, yet to release version?

(5) What is the best reading or reference material related to the future of webdynpro abap applications in TM module w.r.t. HCP / Collaboration portal / Wed IDE / SAP UI5 / Fiori against the current conventional classical e-portal.

thanks in advance for any comments / inputs.


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2 Answers

  • Mar 19, 2018 at 04:36 PM

    Hi Bhakti,

    (1) SAP TM is an on-premise solution. Therefore I suspect that if SAP product management will ever offer this in the cloud (I am not even aware if it is already available on S4/HANA Cloud Edition - not a TM specialist) they will port the solution to a modern UI technology such as SAPUI5. Even so, nowadays there are several applications written in webdynpro and ITS that make up the collections of web applications that are available to on-premise systems and that can be launched via Fiori Launchpad for seamless integration and provide the same UI experience and simmilar look & feel themming, etc.

    (2) Yes, Webdynpro apps can be integrated into a Fiori launchpad and be mexied with Fiori Apps. For a complete list of apps that can be integrated into Fiori Launchpad, please take a look at this page. So you could, in theory, completely replace your NW-Portal installation - provided that you are comfortable with such replacement. If there isn't a catalog of tiles for TM apps, you could create your own custom. I see that there are tiles ready for SAP Smart Business 1.0 for transportation management.

    (3) You can have a hybrid scenario (which involves SCP + On-Prem System). Meaning: your ERP system (be it ECC 6.0, S4/HANA, etc) can be connected to a GW system. Then your Cloud Portal will connect via Connector to this GW system. If you don't wish to access the Fiori Launchpad as a Cloud Portal, but rather want to access the Fiori Launchpad that is On-Premise, you could. This is available on your GW box. Another scenario is the one in which you could use Fiori Cloud Edition. The scenario will be simpler to deploy as all applications are made ready for you on a "front end server" provided by SAP. Nevertheless, you still need to have a GW system on-premise connected to your ERP for the RFC backend communication and Odata.

    (4) ...

    (5) ... Not sure how to answer 4 and 5. Perhaps you are better off with several questions on the community. There is just too many topics to discuss with different skills/knowledge be be addressed by single contributors.


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  • Mar 19, 2018 at 05:39 PM

    Hi Ivan,

    thanks a lot for your response and all the detailed explanation.

    I am attending this open sap course and getting some answers.

    My primary objective is to find the effect of cloud platform on webdynpro abap applications.

    Could you please give some more guidance on 'what is the advantage of running webdynpro applications on cloud and why shouldn't we continue running it on premise enterprise portal ?'

    many thanks,


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    • Hello Ivan,

      thank you for the detailed information.

      When you say - " basically everything that is not related to application launching is not available in the Cloud Portal Service (Fiori Launchpad on HCP)." - I am not sure what you mean by 'everything not related to application launching' . Perhaps that is not what I need either. I should have been more specific in my question. When you said earlier "there are certain features provided by NW Enterprise Portal that aren't available or cannot be easily replaced by Fiori Launchpad (Cloud or On-Premise)." , what are these features? if I have a complex webdynpro application with many screens and internal functionalities , it should not matter if I am running it on my premise enterprise portal or the SCP. Am I right (sorry if its a dumb question)

      thank you