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Aug 18, 2008 at 01:27 AM

Update confirmation status of errored confirmation


Hi! I have a situation here where the customer posted a confirmation of zero value with final delivery indicator turned on. This effectively 'closes' the PO with the 'Complete Delivery' being set in the backend. Now, someone, the user then subsequently did a cancellation of this confirmation. The IDOC in the backend ended up in errors because the cost center was blocked from posting in the new period. After talking to the user, we ended up with the decision to create a new SC and PO and leave the existing order as it is.

So, the situation is

1. The confirmation in SRM (which is the original confirmation with the successful GR) has status 'Error in process' due to the subsequent cancellation which failed

2. The IDoc sitting in error (status 51) in the backend system.

3. Application monitors showing that there is an IDoc error under 'Confirmation'.

For 3, we can delete the entries in the application monitors. However, I wonder whether we need to do anymore to

a. 're-instate' the status of the confirmation?

b. 'delete' the IDoc in the backend? I understand that we cannot delete IDoc apart from archiving it and I am not sure whether that would correct the status of the confirmation (through running program clean_reqreq_up anyway.

Does anyone encounter similar issue re this before? What is the best way to handle this?

Appreciate any advice on the above.