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Aug 16, 2008 at 04:38 PM

Print Layout Designer


We're haveing problems with Print Layout Designer in 2007A that we did not have in release 2005. In 2007A

We can not "SAVE" revisisions to an existing templete (we are not trying to save to a system templete). Each time we try to "SAVE" we are presented with the "SAVE AS" dialog box, and the "SAVE AS" dialog will not accept saving under an existing name. We are not trying to save / revise a system templete. When we try to insert an existing name into the Document name dialog (including inserting the name of the layout templete we are trying to revise. we get the following "red line" message

"This Operation is not allowed in this Document (Message 101-14)

The same situation occures when we try to close a templete... we are prompted with an question.."Do you wnat to save changes".. but on Yes we are presented with the "Save as" dialog box.

The problem forces us to create a newly named Layout templete each time we make a revision to an existing templete. In 2005 we could simply make a revision to the existing templete and save the changes to the same named templete.

SInce we also have problems deleteing unwanted templetes in 2007A this creates a great number of unwanted, unneeded tmepletes

Is there a solution to this problem? Is there a setting that I am missing?