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Aug 15, 2008 at 10:22 PM

Source Hierarchy Struture Changing -XML Import


We are trying to get data into MDM Customer repository and via XML.

We are using XML schema.

The problem is, for some xml files, even if E1KNB1M segment is under E1KNA1M segment , I cannot see it seperately in Source Hierarchy .

Normally we find E1KNB1M under E1KNA1M and also as a seperate "table " .

And we right click on E1KNB1M and Look up and add all. Map the newly added fields to destination fields and save the map.

Now for certain other data because the E1KNB1M fields are not falling under E1KNB1M and are listed out under E1KNA1M , our import map cannot find the fields where they should be, so it fails.

We have validated both the xml files against the schema, it's fine.

So did any one of you faces these kinda problems with XML Schema/XML file import.

If so what is the work around or places to check for glitches.

Why are the segments jumbled up in Import manager even when Structure on XML file side is intact and keeping in mind we are using Schema too.

Any Leads on this seemingly random issue will be highly appreciated.

BTW we are on