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Oct 28, 2016 at 07:49 PM


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Hi All,

I would like to know(as a SAP PI CONSULTANT) what are the prerequisites steps before and after system refresh from PRODUCTION TO QUALITY.

But the important thing is here Production and Quality are in different SLDs.

As far as i know,

RFC destinations need to be checked from PI SYSTEM TO ECC.

All the communication channels in sap pi are in active status or not.

All the logical system names,partner profiles,port configuration need to checked.

Let me know if anything more needs to be checked.


Chandrasekhar B.

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For pre-requisites, why do you not go through the standard SAP materials? Just to be sure that we are on the same page, it seems that you are not using source system as the PI system & target as the ECC system, which is also not possible. The Refresh job will be from ECC to ECC, so it does not matter whether any PI or any other SAP Systems/Products are connected to the Source ECC system, during the Refresh, the source ECC data gets refreshed in the Target ECC system & another thing is that for RFC matter, the actual RFC where you can concentrate is RFC between the source ECC to Target ECC RFC, not any PI related RFC.




Hi Kaushik,

Yes,it's for ECC not for PI.

I forgot to mention in my post clearly.Anyway i got full clarification (for both ECC & PI) from Benedikt.


Chandrasekhar B

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Benedikt Bludau Oct 31, 2016 at 05:38 PM

Hello Chandrasekhar,
I think, this thread is helpful:
What are the Activities Before and After - Production System Copy In SAP PI

Here I wrote the following:

I think your basis will make the system copy. I think they know how to do this.
At the moment I think on following transactions. This is not a complete guide for a system copy.
SLICENSE--> After changing the SID or the hardware, you need a new license.
BDLS--> Change SID and logical System name.
SECSTORE --> System data changed --> When your Kernel is actual, you don´t need to do this.
SMT1/SMT2 --> check Trusting Connections
BD97 --> Check for the right RFC-Connections
SE06 --> For Transport Organizer
BD54 --> Logical Systems
WE11 --> Delete old IDocs
RZ10 --> Check Profiles for Hostname and SID
STMS --> Check for right transport settings, etc.
WE20 --> Ports for IDoc Processing (not the XI IDoc Adapter)
WE21 --> Partner profiles for IDocs
SCC4 --> Check Client name and Logical system name
RZ70 --> check for the right SLD
SLDCHECK --> Check connection to your SLD
SM59 --> Check the RFC-Connections

Your Basis know this transactions. I think you'll have to check the PI settings by yourself.

SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING --> Check this transaction for the BPM runtime. Is everything green?
IDX1 --> Check the RFC Destination for the IDoc Ports of the XI IDoc Adapter
IDX2 --> Delete old IDoc Metadata.
SLDAPICUST --> check for the right SLD.
SXMB_ADM --> Integraton Engine Configuration --> Configuration --> Here are the parameters from your Integration Server. Check the parameter "CENTRAL_SYSTEM".
exchange profile --> http://<host>:<port>/exchangeProfile --> Check for right users, passwords, name of the integration server,...
Then check the Wizards (in the NWA) "PI System Copy" (SAP Note 1299373) and the wizard "PI Self Test" for NetWeaver" (SAP Note 1286149).

I think, your SLD, ESR and the content of your Integration Builder is also copyed. To be sure, you can export the ESR content and the Content of your Integration Builder in a tpz-file. In the past, after a system copy (without changing the SID), I had problems to Import the Content in the Integration Builder. It was not possible. Whether it is now possible, I do not know. To Import the Content in the ESR is no problem.

In Integration Builder, you can klick with the right mouse on a Scenario and choose Copy Object and then choose Continue. Now you can change the Source System (productive) to a new System (development). In this Wizard you can copy the configuration locally and change the SIDs from the scenarios. Then you do not need to reconfigure all scenarios. Then you only have to adjust the communication chanels.

I hope this is helpful,

best regards,

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Thank you Benedikt.

It helped me a lot.


Chandrasekhar B.

Praveen Gandepalli Oct 29, 2016 at 02:55 AM

Hi Chandra Sekhar,

Normally production system to quality system refresh is done for ERP systems not for PI systems because quality and production master data is not same, what benefit you get if you refresh PI system because you dont have any master data in PI, are you sure you refreshing PI system?? because all the configuration objects also changed to production business systems. Are you refreshing only ABAP stack??



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Hi Praveen,

Yes,it's for ECC not for PI.

I forgot to mention in my post clearly.Anyway i got full clarification (for both ECC & PI) from Benedikt.


Chandrasekhar B.