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Aug 14, 2008 at 09:49 PM

Questions on BI-IP Scenarios for Business Planning and actuals extraction


How to leverage Integrated planning for SAP ERP or R/3 planning processes?

Scenario COPA: Why would I want to plan "Sales and profit planning" in BI-IP instead in COPA. Which is the better option?

Scenario LIS-SOP: Why would I want to plan "Sales and operation planning" in BI-IP instead in LIS-SOP. Does plan data need to be retracted LIS-SOP. Why would I take the bottlenecks like extracting actuals then retracting data back to LIS_SOP. Does SAP provides standard extractors and retractors to extract actuals and to retract plan data.

Scenarios in CO: CO-OM-CCA(Cost center planning), CO-OM-OPA (Internal order planning), CO-PC-PCP (product cost planning), CO-OM-ABC (Process Planning).

Which is the better option? Planning in Controlling(CO) or planning in BI-IP. Standard extractors and retractors available?

_Scenario BCS:_ For Planning in BCS(Budget control system) in Funds management should i go for BI-IP or not. If Funds management is not active then how to do budget planning?

Is there any areas, where we can leverage BI-IP, in Business planning?

Thank You.