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Former Member
Aug 14, 2008 at 05:07 PM

Integrating WebDynpros to WebUI - impossible?


Hello Experts,

My client is upgrading from PCUI (CRM 5.0) to WebUI (CRM 5.2). We have a WebDynpro (using ABAP) application that lists out sales orders for various customers. On clicking a Sales order #, the application used to pull up the PCUI view of the sales order. We would like to retain the WebDynpro and integrate it with the WebUI framework to accomplish the same functionality. (i.e to deploy the WebDynpro within the WebUI framework and have the ability to navigate in and out Sales order WebUI component from the WebDynpro).

My developers tell me that there is no simple means to integrate the WebDynpro to the WebUI framework and that we will have redevelop the entire application in WebUI from scratch. I find this hard to believe.

Is this experience or is there a pragmatic solution to integrate WebDynpros with WebUI? If so, what is the technical solution? I did search this forum and internet but could not find any answers so far.


Arun K