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Aug 14, 2008 at 08:44 AM

Packing and confirming TO.


Hi guys!!!

We are implementing WM without HUM. At the moment of the good issue, the user will pack the material in a Packing Station, reading bar code labels and in this moment I want to confirm the TO and print a content list for each pack.

Resuming, the process I thought is the following: Create Sales Order u2013> Create Outbound Delivery -> Create TO -> Pack the items of the TO and print one packing list for each pack (Transaction HUPAST) - > Confirm TO -> Post the good issue.

My doubts:

1) Is this process correct?

2) Can I work without Handling Unit in my Warehouse number in this process?

3) The TO confirmation when will take time? At the same time of the Packing (HUPAST) or the TO must born confirmed? In this case, how I handle differences?

Is the first time I will use HUPAST transaction and I want to integrate it to the process, making it as simple as I can.

Thanks guys!!!