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Lumira Bookmark to save complete application

Mar 17 at 08:42 PM


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Lumira BookMark:

Tool : – Lumira Designer 2.0

Template : Generic analyisis template

Application 1:

2 page application –

Page 1. Summary Board

Page 2. Report View

Header has bookmark icon which calls the script (Bookmark. Save();)

If I add bookmark of 2nd page (Report View) and save it with a name (Test) defined with filters applied. It saves the current state of the report.

Like I say I have saved the report with Filter A=1;

It is saved as a global Filter which is accessible from every other reports.

Now we navigate to Application 2. ( with different data sources and different Charts)

2 page application –

Page 1. Summary Board

Page 2. Report View

I go to manage bookmarks:

I see the bookmark “Test” in the list. Click , open.

It opens the second page of the report that was saved in bookmark of first report.

Although the Summary page with still show the data of 2nd application

This is the issue. We want to have both the pages of the application loaded for which the bookmark is open.

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Hello, which SP of Lumira Designer are you using?

Which version of the BI Platform are you using?

And please confirm, second application is also using the Generic Analysis template?


Hi Tammy,

We are using lumira designer 2.0 SP3 (Version: 20.3.1).

BI Platform - BI 4.2, SP4.

and yes both the applications are Generic analysis template.


Can anyone please help with inputs on the same.

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