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New GL Migration - Adjustment Posting to Previous year

Hi Experts,

I have question with regards to new gl migration from classic gl. As per sap note i came to know that after new gl migration and activation of new gl it not possible to post adjustment entries to previous year. By rule new gl migration is executed on 01.01.XXXX and activation of new gl happens generally after all check are found ok.. My question is about adjustment posting (special period 13 to 16)to be posted for previous year after auditing results. As posting to previous year is not allowed after new gl migration is it possible to post adjustment posting to special period 13 to 16 after new gl migration and activation. If answer is no then how it is handled in these kind of projects.??

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  • Hello Ravi

    You are correct that nothing should be posted in previous year when the migration from Old GL to New GL has been done and that includes special periods as well for audit adjustments. Let me take a hypothetical example and explain how this should be handled:

    Take an example that you have a customer who has a fiscal year from April to March, which means that financial year for your customer ends on March 31. So the take over date for New GL would be March 31 and you will have opening balances as of April 01, uploaded in New GL Total Tables, FAGLFLEXT. This is done in Period 0 to be precise, which is what you will see in Balance carried forward in t codes like FAGLB03 or FS10N.

    Coming to your question, how to handle audit adjustment. While the take over date may be March 31, you will execute the migration some where in May or June of the subsequent fiscal year. This should give your business counterparts enough time to close the books, have the required audit completed and adjustment entries passed. The business would continue to post the open items in the new fiscal year. However, it is recommended that you should have this period in new fiscal year not more than a month or two, since the more documents you have in the new fiscal year, the more time you will add to your down time to migrate all the documents in new fiscal year as well to new gl, so you will have to work with your business to have this planned ahead.

    The new gl migration cockpit does the below things:

    1. Migrate GL Balances as of March 31. You actually have a transaction, where you have to pretty much upload initial balances as you would do in a green field implementation. The only difference in this case, is that those balances would come from the classical gl balances. The GL Accounts that would typically be included in this would be all GL Accounts which are non OI managed. The AP and AR balances would be updated in point 2 below

    2. Migrate open items for AP, AR and GL Open Items - Here you would migrate the AP, AR and GL Open Items posted in previous fiscal year. When you do so, the underlying AP and AR recon a/c balance would also be updated

    3. Documents posted in current year - This are the documents which have been posted on April 01 or afterwards. There are specific steps to migrate current year documents

    I had written a blog on New GL migration cockpit few years back. That should be of help to you, though i believe there are quite a few screen changes and also BADI. However, the overall process is more or less the same.

    Thanks & regards

    Sanil Bhandari

  • Former Member Sanil Bhandari

    Hi Sanil,

    Thanks for share your knowledge. You blog helped out a lot and and its a very good one.

    Thanks again.

    Sricharan K R

  • Hi Former Member

    If your issue is resolved, please close the question


    Sanil Bhandari

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