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Aug 13, 2008 at 04:53 PM

A (disbelieving) question regarding the OSS


Hi all,

I know we all have had our quarrels with SAP and by no means I am going to bash them. The OSS is a good support platform!

Today I recieved an "answer" to an OSS message I had opened in the beginning of july. Awaiting a suggestion for my priority HIGH problem I looked into it and if I had not been sitting already it would have knocked me off my feet. The person dares to ask me if I could lower the priority of the message, because they want to try something, but all developers are on vacation.

I experienced somethings things already maintaining OSS messages:

People telling me they go dancing in the evening; They know that there is a better solution, but they would have to talk with another section and that means extra effort; Someone even described an issue as "The error message from hell"

This being said I have a simple question:

Am I the only to whom this has happend? Do those support people have such a huge load of work that the go a bit out of line?

As I never had the pleasure to experience Support life or even Walldorf by now, it really gets me curious.

Cheers Carsten