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Oct 28, 2016 at 01:43 PM

ApptoAppSSO destination to HANA XS: Unable to verify XML signature



I am attempting to connect a HANA XS application to an HTML5 application in HCP. My case is close to the one in this guide:

I have set the following destination:

Only difference is that I am using SAP's default SSO. I have no issues connecting to the HANA XS service directly and authenticating. When the app tries to connect through the destination, the connection fails.

In the browser debugger I see the following error returned to the app:

StatusCode in ResponseMessage != OK; please refer to the database trace for more information

In the server log I get the following:

Assertion authentication failed with reason: Unable to verify XML signature(StatusCode: , StatusMessage: )

What can be the reason, is there an issue with the destination configuration I set?


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