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Add a Checkbox Matrix Column to AR Invoice with Copy-To

Hello all.

I have scenario where I need to create about 10 checkbox columns at Sales Order and Invoice Row Level.
At Sales Order, I was able to create these Checkboxes using the code below where U_ChkDis1....U_ChkDis2 upto 10 are the UDFs behind these columns.
But the fundamental problem is that a Matrix cannot accept a new column as long as there are rows in the Matrix. So when you try to do the same on Invoice(where the Copy-To functionality is essential) this code obviously fails as you have to clear the copied rows in Invoice which were copied over from Sales Order.
Is there a workaround of this ? Is there any other way to achieve checkbox columns on Matrix with Copy-To functionality intact?

oMatrix.Columns.Add("ChkDis1", SAPbouiCOM.BoFormItemTypes.it_CHECK_BOX);
oMatrix.Columns.Item("ChkDis1").TitleObject.Caption = "Allow";
oMatrix.Columns.Item("ChkDis1").DataBind.SetBound(true, "RDR1", "U_ChkDis1");<br>
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