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Aug 13, 2008 at 02:17 PM

Cannot find standart java files in DCs. I'm confused. Please help.


Hello SDN!

I need to create extension which allow users attaching files to orders in order.jsp I found standart uploadform.jsp and I've create in DC crm/home/shr/ext my own action class based on UploadAction. There're some classes in my class which NWDS cannot resolve. For example, class LocaleUtil. I added import statement by hand but NWDS cannot resolve it anyway. I tried to find via DTR but found nothing. So I don't know in which DC java file is. Now I found only LocaleUtil.class in sap.comcrmisalwcassembly.jar but I don't know how to use this jar. Also this jar contains other unresoldev classes.

Please help me to resolve these classes.

Regards, Lev

Help will be appreciated.