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Aug 13, 2008 at 01:24 PM

reg : spaces in the output file .


Hi all ,

i have used concatenate command but the thing is that in output when i see after c_version value there shud be 20 spaces .but it is not happening now .whenevr i give blank spaces to add after all the variables then it is not taking .for ex ... i have below pasted the file output .after 2.0 there shud be 20 spaces but if we press right arrow key it shud not go to the next line after 20 spaces it shud go to the next line .any pointers plz thanx in advance ......

INVSYNSSD B70SAPAMS0000000005D0000002520200808130556352.0

data : l_spare TYPE string,

l_sp_size TYPE i VALUE '20'.

SHIFT l_spare RIGHT BY l_sp_size PLACES.

CONCATENATE c_msg_type c_msg_stype l_tr_type

zsource_site c_sou_appln l_seq_fno

l_envrn l_msg_flgth l_stamp

c_version l_spare INTO wa_final_header.

i had actually got replies to use respecting blanks but i am using sap 4.6c i think it does not support .can anybody plz help me out.