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Aug 13, 2008 at 11:07 AM



Hi fellow Abap'ers.

I am using HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA to hire employees nothing wrong with that. I gather the information for the different infotypes from excel files but i only have files for Infotypes 0000, 0001 and 0008. When i execute the FM with dialog_mode = '0' i get a return error saying to fill all fields. I then changed dialog_mode to '1' and i noticed it's stopping in infotype 0002. So, the question i have is the following, the measure i am using goes through several infotypes but i only have information for some of them, is there a way to bypass the infotypes for which i don't have files as you would do in PA40 ? If i execute in dialog_mode = '2', i can create the information, of course i have to pass the ones i don't have files but still i can create the employee with no problem with just those 3 infotypes.

Thanks in advance.