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C4C format key figure on summation to show a total and not an asterisk

How do I make the key figure totals on a report show totals and not an asterisk (*)?

Specific example:

In "Lead Funnel" there is a group of Key Figures with the name "Sales Effectiveness Scorecard" this in turn includes a restricted key figure with the name "Total Revenue (Won)". This shows up with a total which is what you'd want.

Lead Funnel does not quite do what I need, so I created a new data source.

I do not have the Sales Effectiveness Scorecard group but I do have the basic key figures so I can rebuild the missing figures. They all work exactly as expected in the detail so if I drill right down using any combination of characteristics I can see the value key figures, such as Total Revenue (Won), either blank or with correct values. However in totals and some group totals they show up with the asterisk * symbol. I am guessing this indicates that some values are blank\null, but its not very useful and no good for my users. How do I make it show a total like the out the box key figure does?

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    Apr 02, 2018 at 10:31 AM

    Got there but for those who look at this looking for the same answer:

    1. A main reason for the * is having mixed currencies in the report, so go to the KF's Properties tab and set Conversion Type to Currency Conversion.
    2. Do this for all KFs you need totals on.
    3. Run the report, it should let you choose the currency, most of your KFs will now show figures. (Currency is not the only reason so some won't).

    4. To set the Default Values for Currency (optional)
    You set the default values for the currency, from the report design Variables tab.
    You can do this if and only if one of the KFs you chose is calculated. If you have only Restricted KFs chosen you will see a blank page.
    Even if you change a KF from restricted to calculated the report wizard doesn't see that until you drop the KF and put it back on. That would disorganise the order of your KFs so if that's important save yourself work by adding on a dummy KF set up correctly. Simply set the defaults then drop it again.


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