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Mar 15, 2018 at 10:55 AM

C4C format key figure on summation to show a total and not an asterisk

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How do I make the key figure totals on a report show totals and not an asterisk (*)?

Specific example:

In "Lead Funnel" there is a group of Key Figures with the name "Sales Effectiveness Scorecard" this in turn includes a restricted key figure with the name "Total Revenue (Won)". This shows up with a total which is what you'd want.

Lead Funnel does not quite do what I need, so I created a new data source.

I do not have the Sales Effectiveness Scorecard group but I do have the basic key figures so I can rebuild the missing figures. They all work exactly as expected in the detail so if I drill right down using any combination of characteristics I can see the value key figures, such as Total Revenue (Won), either blank or with correct values. However in totals and some group totals they show up with the asterisk * symbol. I am guessing this indicates that some values are blank\null, but its not very useful and no good for my users. How do I make it show a total like the out the box key figure does?