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Aug 13, 2008 at 06:03 AM

Paying Excise duties to vendor after subsequent delivery


Hi all experts

My client is need solution for the scenario.

I am doing GR(mvmt type:101) for PO and captured & posted Excise invoice (let Excise invoice number be xxxx, dated:10.08.208).

After quality rejects the materials I'm making return delivery by 122 movemnt type by capturing & Posting Excise Invoice (Excise invoice Document generated be 2008yyyy).

Till now all the excises are got cancelled. Let me tell it

At the time of GR(101) Input account DEBITED and CENVAT clearing account is CREDITED.

By return delivery (122) Input account CREDITED CENVAT clearing account is DEBITED.

So no pending still now.

Now vendor sends back the substitute for it (unfortunately No excise invoice has been sent by him. As he does not have SAP, he recives the returned material and sends subtitute with hand written DC and without excise invoice)

In this is secanrio how can I make GR for the substitute send by vendor with the old excise invoice number itself (say xxxx, dated:10.08.2008).

Pls guide me.