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Aug 13, 2008 at 05:17 AM

IC Reconciliation - questions regarding process 002


Hello Ralph

Question 1:

I have a question regarding the programm GCU1N. I have implemented the note you told me and the report GCU1N does show the flag "Stammdaten nachlesen", which is great. But I have the following problem: I don't have assigned partner information to the several P&L accounts as this would give me too much P&L accounts (because I would need to set up a different account for every partner). But this is not necessary as the partner information is taken from the respective debtor (which has a partner assigned) and written in the document also in the line of the P&L-account. Therefore I can use the same P&L account for bookings with several partner companies.

But if I want to load data from January 08 until August 08 into the S-L with GCU1N how does the partner information get into the document of the P&L accounts? Or is there another way to do this?

Kind regards,


Question 2:

I have deleted all data records in my special ledger with transaction GCDE. The tables FBICRC002A and FBICRC002T do not show any data records anymore (in my ledger).

However if I want to rebuild the data records with GCU1N the system gives me some documents with the message "document has already been booked". But the document is not in the mentioned tables. Does the Flag "Vorprüfen" only check whether the document has been booked once in the ledger (and does not check whether it has been deleted or not) or does the flag really check whether the document is still in the ledger?

Kind regards,


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