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Aug 13, 2008 at 04:12 AM

How does SNP handle unconsumed forecast for a certain period


Hi Folks

I am exploring a situation where the all the forecasted demand from DP, for certain period, will not be consumed in SNP.

Say, for product A, there is a forecast of 100 pcs for month of Sep and a forecast of 100 pcs for the month of Oct in DP which is then released into SNP n monthly buckets.

Now a actual demand of 90 comes in (say in the form of sales order) for the whole period of Sep. and consumes the forecast. What happens to the unconsumed forecast of 10 in the month of Sep? Does it get rolled over into month of Oct and become 110 pcs and snowballed similarly over a period of time ?

Is there a option that we can restrict the roll over into next period ? any idea folks ?

How does SNP usually handle the unconsumed forecast? Can we delete it frequently ?whats the usual scenario ?