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Aug 13, 2008 at 02:04 AM

Can TDMS help system copy of Prod to QA? It's time consuming in BCS 6 / BI7



Can TDMS help with a system copy requirement in SEM-BCS 6.0 / BI7?

We're looking at a regular scheduling of copying our production system to our QA system.

However, in the past there has been difficulties in performing this task that has led to inconsistencies in the technical names of both Transformations and DTPS and delta initialisations.

I've sent an OSS note to see if SAP support/recommend performing a heterogeneous system copy of BCS 6 / BI 7 environments and if there are any best practices to follow.

Specific issues to address include

- When BI Production is copied to BI QA, links are lost and have to be re-created which causes a break in the initialised delta loads. All data then need to be deleted and reloaded to ensure consistency and integrity.

- Has the internal technical names on DTPS and Transformations been fixed so that upon a later transport the system knows which DTP or TRFN needs to be overwritten. In BI 7 SP9 after a system copy the ability to transport these dtps was lost until a program was written to manually delete these objects in the target system. I believe this has been resolved as of later support packs but are there examples of customers performing a regular system copy.

This was never a problem (that I was made aware of) in BCS 4.0 / BW 3.5

Can anyone advise me how TDMS would help in this situation?

Has anyone implemented TDMS to copy systems in BCS 6.0 / BI7?