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Aug 12, 2008 at 09:54 PM

syndication scenario


Hello gurus;

Appreciate you inputs.

We are implementing following scenarios:

" records are imported from 2 different source system.and duplicate records from same source system are getting merged in MDM but 2 records are coming from different source system ,then we are relating them i.e. say record1 is imported from source1

as a "vendor" and record2 is imported from source2 as a "customer".but both records are for same customer say "scott smith"

so we are relating record1 and record2 as siblings and assiging them single ID " so it would be

ID1, "source1" ,"sold to " , "scott smith" (related to source2)

ID1, "source2", "customer","scott smith" (related to source1)

Now once this is done one of the record will be marked as best recod flag "T"(True) (best record field has 2 options "T" and "F" with default "F") and record with best flag "F" will be syndicated to target system automatically.

(do we have to use workflow for this ?If yes than need some suggestions as to how to implement that as the syndication needs to be automatic or we can just use automatic syndication ? suggestions)

syndication scenarios :

1.any record with best flag as "T" needs to be syndicated.

2. with in same ID if record changes from "F" to "T" will be syndicated

3.if record changes from "T" to "F" need to be syndicated to as target system needs to know that this record is no longer best record( this has workaround that as best flag record got changed from "T" to "F" with in same UID just send new best flag "T" record and update the new record with old record as ID is same.)

4. if new record is added and assigned as best record "T" will be syndicated and and updates in existing best record"T" needs to be updated as well.

5.if there is only one record in ID2 with best flag "T" and that record is marked for deletion we have to syndicate that as well as marked for deletion record.

I know its long description but its bit complex so i had to explain the entire scenario.

Any guidance as to how to implement would be highly appreciated.