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Lock errors using eclipse over the internet

Mar 16 at 09:03 PM


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Update 1: I found out how to reproduce the issue fairly reliably, see end of post.

Update 2: I found the root cause involves a dump and does seems to originate from Azure/SAP combination, see my answer below.

When I use my local eclipse to connect to a cloud instance (Azure), I often see timeout and locking errors. There is no problem with the connection, via SAPGUI it is perfectly stable and when it works Eclipse is also generally quick. But then very randomly I'll hit a bump that goes something like:

Save -> spinning wheel for a while > message "Timeout getting a lock"

If I try again I see the message "Object could not be locked / User DEVELOPER is currently editing ZCL..."

I have to manually remove the lock via SM12 to continue working.

It seems to happen more often when I've left the system idle for a couple of minutes - but not always.

I have 200MB fibre broadband and experience no other internet issues. SAPGUI and remote desktop to the same instance is perfectly fine. I use VPN both inbound and outbound to work remotely all day long, there are no issues whatsoever other than using ADT.


I've been trying to observe a pattern, it seems to mainly happen on generation and code changes, but NOT save. The following procedure reproduces it quite often:

  1. Open SM12, view locks
  2. Open a class, make a change, activate.
  3. Make another change. You should now see the padlock and the * (change indicator) in the tab to indicate that it is locked and changed.
  4. Leave it for 10-15 minutes
  5. SM12 should still show it's locked
  6. Save the class -> success. The * is no longer in the tab but the padlock is still there.
  7. SM12 should still show it's locked
  8. Ctrl-F3 to activate -> spinny wheel -> Object could not be locked, locked by <your userid>

If you close and re-open, the last change is still there, so it definitely saved under the existing lock. But you can no longer edit until you remove the lock in SM12.

Something is definitively fishy and it's not at my end.

I'm using the latest Eclipse Oxygen with latest ADT on a Mac. I will try it on a Windows VM when I have some more time.

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3 Answers

Ingo Braeuninger
Jun 14 at 12:37 PM

Hi Mike,

Can you please check the nameserver entry in your /etc/resolv.conf?

Depending whether your server is external please change the value e.g. to:

#Using Google Nameserver


Hope that helps,


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Hi Ingo,

Good point to check, but didn't help. It was pointing to my router, which had my ISP and Google's NS.

I changed it to Google, still did the same. I then entered the IP address directly into the SAPLogon config and still get the same behaviour.



Florian Henninger
Mar 17 at 01:48 PM

Hi Mike,

I could imagine, that the backend parameters are just set in a wrong way.

Here's the link to the backend-configuration guide (Section More information).

I would suggest you start first to check on those and see if it will fix the issue.


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Hi Florian,

Thanks for the input. I doubt it, but checked it anyway and found no discrepancies. Those are all "either it works or it doesn't" settings.

This happens intermittently on two Azure instances, a 7.5 and 7.52 system.

SAPGUI (even inside Eclipse) is rock solid

Running eclipse on a cloud instance is also no problem. The usual deployment setup is a Windows VM alongside a linux VM running SAP in a single virtual network. If I remote-desktop into the Windows VM, Eclipse also works flawlessly.

Over the internet it's as if ADT 'forgets' about the connection and then re-establishes a new session, because it manages to set a lock, which suddenly turns foreign.

Also, this used to work, I've been running this kind of setup for a long time without a hitch, it's in recent months that I've been having this issue. I recently deployed a new instance and when the same thing happened with that one I finally got around to posting this.


Over the internet it's as if ADT 'forgets' about the connection and then re-establishes a new session, because it manages to set a lock, which suddenly turns foreign.

I've experienced exactly this, connecting to a non-cloud instance via a VPN but with a shaky connection. Once the ADT/Instance connection gets confused, the only way I got things working again was to restart Eclipse. It's strange though, as I've only encountered this one time. It's like it only happens under very specific circumstances.

Matthew Billingham

No restart needed, it keeps the authentication, I just close the class, delete the locks and resume. Then it’s fine, until maybe I go get myself some coffee or write an email and boom, fail on next save, then locked by my other self.

Mike Pokraka Mar 31 at 09:39 PM

OK, so after installing Eclipse on a Windows machine I found the same issue there too. Then I noticed a series of dumps that coincided with the lock failures.

The dump is CALL_FUNCTION_ACCEPT_FAILED in SAPMSSY1 (RFC): Error while starting a Remote Function Call (ACCEPT).

I pulled out an RFC trace which had a little more detail than the dump: It clearly comes from eclipse (FM SADT_REST_RFC_ENDPOINT), and complains that the gateway might be closed. But the thing is if I retry then it works. Can anyone shed some light?

Here's the RFC trace file:

**** Trace file opened at 20180331 210646 UTC, by disp+work                                                                                                    
**** Versions SAP-REL 753,0,16 RFC-VER U 3 1782874 MT-SL                                                                                                      
======> CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV', communication rc: CM_DEALLOCATED_ABEND (cmRc=17), taskhandler rc: READ_FROM_GW_FAILED (thRc=239)                              
Error with SAP gateway communication; check if SAP gateway is closed                                                                                          
ABAP Programm: SAPMSSY1 (Transaction: )                                                                                                                        
Called function module: SADT_REST_RFC_ENDPOINT                                                                                                                
User: DEVELOPER (Client: 001)                                                                                                                                  
Destination: NPL_752_openSAP (Handle: 1, DtConId: 00000000000000000000000000000000, DtConCnt: 0, ConvId: 26968172,{871330C0-3514-11E8-C5C0-ECC27F000001})      
EPP RootContextId: 00000000000000000000000000000000, ConnectionId: 871330C0351411E8C5C0ECC27F000001, ConnectionCnt: 17                                        
EPP TransactionId:                                                                                                                                            
SERVER> RFC Server Session (handle: 1, 26968172, {871330C0-3514-11E8-C5C0-ECC27F000001})                                                                      
SERVER> Caller host:                                                                                                                                          
SERVER> Caller transaction code:  (Caller Program: SAPJCo31)                                                                                                  
SERVER> Called function module: SADT_REST_RFC_ENDPOINT                                                                                                        
Error RFCIO_ERROR_SYSERROR in /bas/753_REL/src/krn/rfc/abrfcpic.c : 3838                                                                                      
CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV', communication rc: CM_DEALLOCATED_ABEND (cmRc=17), taskhandler rc: READ_FROM_GW_FAILED (thRc=239)                                      
Error with SAP gateway communication; check if SAP gateway is closed                                                                                          
Error RFCIO_ERROR_MESSAGE in /bas/753_REL/src/krn/rfc/abrfcio.c : 1985 

Then I also looked into the Gateway trace and found a curious bit of info that seems to indicate that it's disconnecting its own public ("P") and local (L) network interfaces from each other:

***LOG Q0R=> GwReadFromRemGw, GwRead ( GwRead-006) [gwdp.c       4843]                                                                                
Sat Mar 31 21:25:04:466 2018                                                                                                                          
***LOG Q0I=> NiIRead: P=; L= recv (110: Connection timed out) [/bas/753_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp 5430]            
*** ERROR => NiIRead: SiRecv failed for hdl 223/sock 27                                                                                              
    (SI_ECONN_BROKEN/110; I4; ST; P=; L= [nixxi.cpp    5430]                                                        
***LOG S23=> GwDisconnectClient, client disconnected (237) [gwxxrd.c     11191]                                                                      
GwDisconnectClient: client 237 disconnected, hostname = <my_public_hostname>, addr =, tp = sapdp00        
*  LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain / sapgw00                                                                                
*  ERROR       connection to partner                                                                                                                  
*              '<my_public_hostname>'                                                                          
*              broken                                                                                                                                
*  TIME        Sat Mar 31 21:25:04 2018                                                                                                              
*  RELEASE     753                                                                                                                                    
*  COMPONENT   NI (network interface)                                                                                                                
*  VERSION     40                                                                                                                                    
*  RC          -6                                                                                                                                    
*  MODULE      /bas/753_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp                                                                                                    
*  LINE        5430                                                                                                                                  
*  DETAIL      NiIRead: P=; L=                                                                                      
*  SYSTEM CALL recv                                                                                                                                  
*  ERRNO       110                                                                                                                                    
*  ERRNO TEXT  Connection timed out                                                                                                                  
*  COUNTER     499                                                                                                                                    

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Hi Mike,

thanks for raising this issue. We recently faced this problem ourselves and will investigate it as soon as possible. Thanks for the already detailed error messages these help a lot.

We will keep you updated.

Regards, Felix


Great, thanks!


Just a short update: This is still in progress. Sorry that I have no better news for now...

In case this issue becomes serious on your side please feel free to create a customer incident with an appropriate priority (BC-DWB-AIE).


Hi Armin,

Thanks for the update, good to know it's not dead.

It's on my personal developer instances so I can't raise incidents.. P-users can't even see notes, let alone raise messages.

For anyone having this issue, my workarounds are: most non-coding and all readonly activities are fine on a local Eclipse. Everything is fine in my local SAPGUI. I can also work on eclipse using Remote Desktop to a Windows instance. The main impacts are screen resolution and small extra cost of running an additional instance.




Just letting you know Mike is not the only one with this kind of problem. And it is confirmed for another platform. I use Eclipse Oxygen on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (9360) with mostly 'standard' software).

I have observed the same behaviour as Mike where I can remove the lock and successfully save. I have however also observed another problem which seems to be closely related. I am connected to a SAP system (in Azure) where the response times are generally *not* very good. Sometimes I get a lock error when there are no locks in SM12. In the error message it is indicated that the SAP server did not respond to the lock request. This occurs when I make a change in saved source code (I can't recall if I have seen the problem both with activated and inactive code).

However, the object is locked when I check SM12 after I have received the error message, so it seems the request to lock the object is processed successfully and the 'only' problem is that the response did not get back to eclipse in time.

Deleting the lock entry does not help in these cases, I have to exit eclipse (without being able to save the changes), restart eclipse and reimplement the changes. As you can probably imagine, this is incredibly frustrating.

Good luck with your efforts to squash all bugs related to this :-)


Interesting you mention Azure response times. I used AWS before, also via local Eclipse. I switched to Azure because it's so much nicer to work with and have also noticed a somewhat sluggish response time.

Unfortunately I can't tell if it's the platform as I went from 7.2 on AWS to 7.4 on Azure with a totally different machine spec. When I remote desktop to the Windows VM and access SAP that way it seems fine, but then sluggish responses may have to do with this issue.


Computers controlled by someone else should never be trusted, but unfortunately it's not my decision to make :-)

Update: I have discovered that if I just continue waiting, a lock entry will eventually appear when I get the error message I was previously not able to escape from without restarting eclipse. So apparently the difference between what you observe and what I observe is just due to the sluggishness of the SAP system I am connected to. When I wait for the lock entry and delete it manually I am able to save my changes. Still annoying of course, but at least I no longer have to have a text editor open to temporarily store the changes.


Hi Kjetil and Mike,

thanks a lot for the additional input. We found a way to reliably reproduce the issue in our own dev systems and we made progress on the analysis. Since it's not just ADT we have to involve another software layer (JCo/RFC) in the analysis which might cost some additional time, but we are getting closer.

I'll provide an update when it's fixed.

Best regards,