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Aug 12, 2008 at 01:51 PM

Replacing(?) Unmanaged URL Reporting



From a web application, we're calling up Crystal Reports using the Crystal ActiveX Viewer 10 via Object tags and VBScript from a ColdFusion template using ColdFusion variables to feed the engine the necessary parameters. This process has worked fine for several years, and it remains functional through Windows Vista and IE 7. However, we know Unmanaged URL Reporting is deprecated, and want to (a) better forecast the longevity/viability of this method of generating dynamic, data driven, parameter based reports on the fly, and (b) what products we would need to replace this functionality in the event the ActiveX Viewer 10 or the VBScript/Object tags that drive the application cease to work. The application is a secure data entry application that uses Crystal to generate reports on the data just entered. Thanks in advance for any assistance.