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Payroll Canada - CRT When paid after YANA and note 2499667

Mar 16 at 06:29 AM


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Is any client using canadian payroll having problems after YANAs and retros this year and CRT When paid cummulation?

We have found note #2499667 and applied to our dev system, but still, if there is a YANA(e.g.Offcycle Adjustments for T4s, etc.) and somebody runs a retro period before that YANA, the CRT when paid is cummulated incorrectly. The note says that after applying you should run retro to correct CRT, but doesn't work.

I have opened a ticket with SAP but wanted to hear if any other customer has had any problem this year.

For my case:

a) YANA happened in February. Then payroll for pp in February was processed..

b) Now, in March, when I run a retro to the pp where the YANA was executed, the CRT doesn't cummulate the K(When paid) amount.


Nancy Corlay

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2 Answers

Rémi Corriveau Mar 16 at 04:55 PM

Did you try to execute the "Recreation of cumulation table" program (RPUCRT0P or RPUCRT00_CE) report to reintroduce the When-Paid CRT entries that are missing ?

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Nancy Corlay Rojas Mar 18 at 12:24 AM

Hi Remi,

My expectation was that after applying the note if I ran a forced retro to pp1 then the CRT would get fixed by the payroll driver(according to the note explanation at the end). But it seems that it is a must to run the the RPUCRT0P to reintroduce the When Paid entries, the code in the note doesn't reintroduce the entries even with a forced retro to the beginning of the year. We had a YANA for the T4s adjustments in February.

But I have to ask you, have you had any other problem with the CRT if your employees have retro and offcycles(Yana, Adjustments, etc.) this year after introducing this note? I see that you applied this note in December(for year end).

Thank you,


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or after applying this note, have you had any other problem with the payroll related to the application of this note?

Thank you!



Sorry, other questions:

a) After applying the note, did you execute the RPUCRTxx program for selected employees(those who you identified had the problem), or did you run it for ALL your employees? I have ~10,000 employees.

b) Did you execute program RPUCRT0P or RPUCRT00? I have used RPUCRT00 before but not RPUCRT0P? Did you have any problem with the payroll after using this program? Any advice or something to watch out for this program?

Thank you!!!


Hello Nancy,

We haven't had any problems reported yet regarding the CRT and TCRT, but I'll try to look into it proactively.