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Aug 12, 2008 at 11:01 AM

Tax Determination - Sales & Distribution


Hello Friends,

In our sales process & the subsequent invoice processing, we are using access sequence comprising the customer & material tax classification for maintaining condition records.

As we all are aware that the classification indicators (eg. 1) flow from the customer & material masters in order processing.

In IMG, we have "Define Tax Determination Rules", where we define a tax category (eg JTX1, JTX2, JTX3, JTX4) for country india. Further we define "Define Tax Relevancy Of Master Records" wherein we assign tax class (eg. 0,1,2) to the tax categories.

Finally we maintain the condition record. I use condition type JIVP for maintaining VAT percentage & also use the tax classification flowwing from the master.

Now my query is, my condition type for VAT is JIVP, whereas in both customer as well as material master I have tax categoy as JTX1.

Do I require to maintain JIVP as tax category in masters or whatever i have done above is correct.