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change sold-to party in copy control when avoid is created ( VF04 )

When I create 2 invoices from 2 deliveries, VF04 split this documents because Partner function SP (Sold-to party) is diferent. I would like to create only 1 invoice.

I would like change that partner function before billing is created. I am looking for in Billing control copy function, but I cant (or I dont know how I can) change Sold-to party.

I think that if I achieve that partner functions are equal, I avoid split invoice . i need that VF04 creates only 1 invoice

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  • But, why ??? What is the business logic/requirement?

  • I will try to explain that better .

    I have 2 customer :

    Customer : 1000

    • SP - Sold-to party : 1000
    • BP - Bill-to party : 60005
    • PY - Payer : 60005
    • SH - Ship-to party : 60005

    Customer : 2000

    • SP - Sold-to party : 2000
    • BP - Bill-to party : 60005
    • PY - Payer : 60005
    • SH - Ship-to party : 60005

    when I launch VF04 , System creates 2 diferents invoices, but I need only one invoice with 2 positions.

    when I go to VF03 -> Split analisis -> Shows that info :

    Split due to different partner data

    • SP Customer Number 1000 2000
    • SP Address 0000087187 0000087162

    If I try to delete sold-to Party from invoice partner data, but It seems that SP is mandatory. I can delete sold-to Party by SPRO, but then, VF04 shows me an error (imposible determine sold-to Party)

    I need avoid split invoices when sold-to Party is diferent. Or may be It could help me get those fields are the same (identical) when I create invoice by VF04.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 18, 2018 at 05:04 AM

    In Delivery 1 you have SP1

    In Delivery 2 you have SP2


    In the "combined bill" which Sold To do you want?

    How will the system know this, when creating one invoice?

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  • Mar 20, 2018 at 12:22 PM

    i only need these solds in invoice :

    • Bill-to party
    • Payer Ship-to
    • party

    I dont need Sold-to party in invoice, but I need it in delivery and in customer.

    But i think that Sold-to party is mandatory in invoice, because, If I delete Sold-to party from Billing Header ( SPRO -> Sales & Dis. -> Basic functions -> Partner determination ) , VF04 shows me an error ( Imposible to determinte Sold to Party)

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    • I have just clear :

      • Reference document number
      • Assignment number
      • Payment reference

      in control copy (routine 600)

      But system still split invoice due to following field :

      Field filename is a Z field called ZZPDF , wich has been added to vbrk table. It seems that VF04 force split due to that field.

      How can avoid that VF04 force split due to VBRK-ZZPDF?

      I have just tried set a clear VBRK-ZZPDF in control copy routine , but didnt work...

      file-split.png (13.9 kB)