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Upgrading to EA-PS 603

Mar 15 at 06:57 AM


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We are currently on EA-PS 600. We need to have a solution where material reservation documents will update FM and undergo budget check (and consume).

Do we need to have some sort of a regression testing for EA-PS 603 upgrade?

Thank you!

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Eli Klovski
Mar 15 at 07:53 AM


Your question is a bit vague, so my response will be also of that kind :)

Speaking theoretically, you have to make a regression test on any major SAP upgrade. Especially, if you have, as any client has to certain level, custom developments done in the system. Upgrade from 6.00 to 6.03 could be definitely considered as a major one.



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Thank you Eli. Would like to confirm if we need FICOMMSD modules to perform end to end testing for this upgrade. The answer you posted above would most likely entail yes! :)

Also, with regards to the gap I mentioned above, I saw an old post.

Does your answer to this still hold true or is there already a standard solution that can integrate earmarked funds with MM reservation (given the support package release of EA-PS 603)?

Scenarios (to be):

MB21 > auto create earmarked > PR (auto consume EMF) > PO GR

MB21 > auto create earmarked > GI (auto consume EMF)


This old answer is no longer relevant. With 6.03 onwards, you have integration with MM to certain extent.

Vanessa Barth
Jun 28 at 12:15 AM


Please read the information available in the document Chapter_16_Release_Notes_Public_Sector.PDF about the integration of material reservation and Funds Management. Please read page 67 about this matter, chapter PSM_FM_CI_1: Integration of Material Reservations with FM (New).

A regression test is not a bad idea because with the activation of the business function, other functionalities become active together. You find more information about it in the file attached.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth.

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