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Mar 14, 2018 at 07:31 PM

FPL9 Account Display


Hi Experts,

I have a question particularly related to "zero clearing - show or hide" and "with or without reversal" settings under FPL9.

The default setting in our system is: "hide zero clearing" and "without reversal".

Under this default setting, zero $ invoices are shown but account maintenance entries are hidden. All reversals are hidden.

The problem arrives when a zero $ invoice is reversed. We will need to change the setting to "with reversal" and "show zero clearing" in order to see the reversed $0 invoice in FPL9.

The desired result (by our customer service group) is: for a reversed invoice, Customer Service Representatives (CSR) should only need to use "with reversal" setting to view, even though it is zero $ invoice. If they do not see a reversed invoice using "with reversal" setting, they will not know there is an reversed invoice exist, and they would not further change the "show zero clearing" setting.

During debugging, I found out that under "with reversal" setting, the reversed zero $ invoice did not even come to I_POSTAB structure. Is there any way to achieve what CSR needs?