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Oct 28, 2016 at 11:39 AM

SAP ByD schedule invoice by recurrence pattern


SAP RULE : If you use the recurrence pattern in the invoicing time frame for schedule type Periodic Fixed Price or for schedule type Time and Material, the system automatically creates invoice dates within the time frame – however with the maximum number of dates:

  • -For monthly recurrence patterns: 24 invoice dates

Create a new Customer Contract, in the WoC Sales Order > Customer Contract

Go to Pricing and Invoicing Tab > Invoice Schedule.

Apply the Time Frame to the Item:

And click on OK.

===> Only 24x Dates have been created. We expected the generation of those date on the whole duration between the fields “Start Date” and “End Date” of the “Invoice Time Frame” screen.

Which means we need 60 invoice dates not 24 (the limit by SAP)

Can any one propose a solution please ?




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