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Different Systems, same Configuration in ID, but different Result?!

Hi guys,

i´m working on a Idoc to File Scenario, which works in our development environment (DXI) but fails in our test environment (QXI)

first of all some information about our system landscape.

We are using 3 XI Systems for development (DXI), test (QXI) and production (PXI).

For some reason we don´t have one central SLD, but 3 SLD (one for each XI System)

So the Repository content could be transported via File, the configuration in ID is environment specific (not transported) and have to be maintained manually.

As I sad above the scenario is Idoc to File, more exactly it is 1 Idoc to 2 files.

The result files of one idoc are used to have the "same" file name pattern for example

file 1 = file2_TIMESTAMP.idoc

file 2 = file1_TIMESTAMP.eds

The order of the files is important. file 1 should be created first, file 2 afterwards.

in this pattern TIMESTAMP is the timestamp should be the same for both file, so I use the timestamp of the XI message of the idoc

(=> StreamTransformationConstants.TIME_SENT)

the content of the file differs. While file 2 contains one text line with some control information (static and some payload data), contains the file 1 the idoc xml, but with a

different codepage (ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8)

To get the wright content and filename, 2 java mappings are used, that are referenced in interface determination. furthermore the order of the files should be maintained, so that file 1 (idoc xml) should be created first, and file 2 (control information) afterwards

(filename mapping is done via Dynamic configuration)

As I sad at the beginning the whole scenario works fine for development environment, but fails for test.

In test the 2 files are created with the correct filename, but the file content of the file 1 is wrong. It contains the same content then the file 2 (control information)

when i have a look at the apap monitoring sxmb_moni the message content after java mapping is correct for both files.

but in message monitoring (RWB) the file 1 has the same content as file 2, which is incorrect.

Directory content of development and test are the same.

why is the result different?

anybody has an idea.

This error drives me crazy

Kind regards


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2 Answers

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    Aug 11, 2008 at 01:05 PM

    Jeez Jochen this is scary.

    Is the message id's in the AE and the one's in smxb_moni the same?


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    Aug 11, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    You said that the scenario is particularly 1 IDoc to 2 Files, so do you use 1:n mapping for splitting the IDoc message (using Java Mappings)?

    If so please check in the interface determination step if you are using Enhanced Interface Mapping and the correct interface mapping is referenced in there. At the same time please cross check if the interface mapping is also correctly using the two Java mappings.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Suddha,

      many thanks for your answer.

      For mapping the Idoc to the 2 files i use 2 Interface Mappings.

      Both of them are referenced in the interface determination, so that at runtime the incoming idoc message is duplicated and

      two "child" messages are created.

      One child goes through the InterfaceMapping 1, which generates the file 1 (idoc xml with special codepage)

      the other goes through the InterfaceMapping 2, which generates the file 2 (single text line with control information).

      I checked the pipeline steps in the integration server. The messages are correct splitted and mapped.

      the mapping results are correct.

      but as I sad before the content changes from integration server to adapter engine, so that the file adapter gernerates a file with the incorrect content.

      I hope this makes it understandable to you.

      Perhaps you have an idea why in DXI all works fine and in Test in fails

      Thanks again