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Chang in PORG and plant assignment

Mar 15 at 10:15 AM


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Our client is planning to move plants & company codes from one business entity to another, accordingly we are supposed to change PORG assignment with plants as well. We will be assigning new PORG to Plants. Currently, there are non stock PO's only with existing PORG assignment. What other areas which may be affected due to this new PORG, Plants assignment or what is the impact of this change on current business process.

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 15 at 10:32 PM

if you get new purchasing organizations then you have to extend all relevant vendors to the new organization.

You would also need to extend the info records to this new organization.

You may have to close the existing contracts and have to create new contracts.

People would need to change their personal defaults in ME51N and ME21N

You may need to create new condition records for message determination and prices, taxes, rebates.

In general everything where you have a purchasing organization field needs to be reviewed and recreated with the new organization.

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Jürgen L
Mar 15 at 03:15 PM

What is a business entity in SAP terms?

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Hi Jurgen,

Here business entity we can refer as business units like Thermal, Power etc. Both are having different PORG.