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Aug 11, 2008 at 08:12 AM

integrating IDM and LDAP with portal


hi all,

we have a requirement where we have lots of sap and non sap systems are to be integrated to EP with SSO, user identity management and role based access to be implemented.

sap systems as of now comprise Billerdirect in finance and ESS in HR and we dont have much idea about non sap systems as of now for the first phase.

My question is regarding confusion in implementing LDAP and IDM.

do we require SAP Identity Management 7.0 in this scenerio or simple management of identities(role based access) in portal will work in user management tab.

the IDM says that its basic use is to call data from different system refine it and put it back to those systems back again or a corporate directory like LDAP. now i have these options and plz help me to single out which shall we use.

1. implement IDM's Identity center component for user data refining(do we need this?) and push data to LDAP which we again have to install. plz note whether we should use second component of IDM here which is VDS(virtual directory server)

2. forget about IDM its not needed in this case, we can very well work with any ldap(here plz point out which LDAP to use?)( or do we have some LDAP which is installed with WAS.)

3. LDAP is not needed, all to do is install IC and VDS for SAP netweaver IDM and that will be all we need along with other stuff in IDM like monitoring, workflow and database.

please give descriptive reply and points assured.

thanks in advance